It′s simple, smart and occasionally magical.

Designed to be cool, fashionable and smart. You will look back to days without the ring with nostalgia.

The   Lord   Of     The   iRings 

The power you get with the ring will make anyone envious. Keep an eye out for people green with envy!

Don the ring as Smart        Keychain!        

Enjoy   coolest   music   on   your   keychain.   Also   use   it   as          your   TV   remote   control!       

A new era in Wearable tech

A fashion statement in wearable devices. For the stylish, bold, and smart...

Wear   the   Ring   as   Smart   Bracelet

Up   your   style   quotient   to   be   with   the   best   class!

It′s quick.

Everyday needs now done at your finger tips! Subscribe now to watch our product videos in coming weeks.

It works.

The Ring has complex electronics. Yet, uses proven, efficient hardware and software architectures.

It′s easy.

Built for the ordinary, common folks to do simple-to-complex tasks. The Ring's user interface design is proprietary.

It′s smart.

The Ring is location-aware and context-aware. It does functions that existing smart devices don't do.

  Product Use Cases

Here are some of the product use cases.
They help to better understand the value proposition of the product and its ease of use.

911 Emergency:
Old Tom gets a heart-attack while opening car door and his phone falls off at a distance. Tom uses the ring to make 911 call.

Find my Phone:
Grandma Lilly can't find her smart phone as her grand kids are playing on couch. The smart phone slips underneath the couch. Lilly uses the ring to buzz the smart phone and finds it easily.

Forgot my Phone:
Computer Geek Dan leaves the restaurant leaving behind his smartphone on restaurant table by mistake. After Dan walks 15 steps away from his smartphone, the ring alerts Dan to fetch his smart phone.

Group Picture:
Cool & happy-going Mike wants to take a group photo with his colleagues in office. He places the smart phone (having camera) on a table and joins the group for photo. Mike presses the button on the ring to initiate the camera on smart phone and take a picture.

Ring Faces:
Fashion-conscious teen Grace wears a pink outfit. She changes the ring screen to pink sapphire stone image to match her dress. Grace remembers promising her friends that she will wear a red dress. So she changes her dress to red dress. She now changes the ring screen again to ruby stone image to match her red dress.

Phone Calls:
Busy Manager Mike gets a phone call while driving to work. He can't find his phone on car dashboard. Many things are present on his dashboard. So he uses the ring to answer the phone call. Mike has already set the ring speaker to full volume. So he listens to caller in loud voice and also talks into the ring with his both hands rested on the steering wheel. He avoids a driving ticket.

Aunt Mary cannot find her necklace as she heads for a party. She detaches the ring head and wears a pendant to her neck after setting ring head's color to match her outfit.

Home Entertainment:
Uncle Richard comes home after Factory work. It's been a long day for him. He wants to watch TV but can't find any of the remote controls for TV, setup box, or music system. His kids are playing in house and misplaced the remotes. Uncle Richard settles in couch and uses the ring to switch on TV, play from setup box and increase volume on music system.

Email Notification:
Upcoming Businessman Kevin is expecting an important contract approval email from a big client. He is busy at a family event and can't check his email often. Kevin sets up a alert for emails from this client. He now gets involved in setting up a floral decoration on stage. Kevin whose both hands are tied up in decoration gets an alert in the ring when client's email arrives.

Film maker Ronaldo types on his laptop and becomes absorbed in film editing work. The ring alerts Ronaldo to take a break and suggests him specifc exercises to relax his body, muscles and fingers.

CEO Joe goes to sleep with the ring on his finger. The ring wakes him up at scheduled alarm time with tiny vibrations on his finger and with alarm sound. Joe attends the board meeting on time.

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