Product features

  • Ring faces matching your clothing/outfit.
  • Scroll through ring apps on ring.
  • Make & attend phone calls from ring
  • Make 911 call (emergency) from ring
  • Get notifications/reminders on your ring
  • Control your TV,Smart Phone, etc, from ring
  • Watch app,alarm app,weather app,ergonomics app,Music app, sleep-monitor app,Camera app, and many more...
  • Download more apps to ring (including location-aware apps).
  • Detachable ring head:Wear as finger ring,bracelet,key chain and neck pendent.

Other Info

  • Designed to appear as fashion jewelry item than as electronic gadget.
  • Will be available in Gold & Silver colors.
  • Patent-pending in multiple countries
  • Feasibility done.Prototype in progress.
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