Freqently Asked Questions

When will your crowd-funding campaign start? How long will your campaign be?

Campaign starts in few weeks and runs for 45 days.

Where is the campaign launched?

Indiegogo site (www.indiegogo.com)

I don't see your campaign yet in Indiegogo site. Your campaign URL (http://igg.me/at/ismartring) says your campaign is currently in draft mode.

Yes. The campaign is in draft state and not published. Once the campaign is published in few weeks, the URL (http://igg.me/at/ismartring) will work.

I like your ring concept. I like to know more about your ring.

We will add a lot of content just prior to campaign launch to explain how the ring works. There will be the campaign video that shows the everyday usecases with the ring. Also, there will be couple of detailed explainer videos that explain each function of the ring.

What does 'i' stand for in iSmartRing?

'i' stand for Internet. The ring uses data from Internet as needed.

Does your ring use electronic sensors?

Yes, it uses couple of sensors

I like to know more about your electronic hardware. Can you please provide?

It is confidential at the moment. But you will know some details once the campaign goes live.

I don't see many images of the ring. There is only 1 image. I am eager to see a 360 degrees view of the ring.

Again, this is confidential at the moment. But you will see the 360 degrees view of ring and its features once the campaign goes live.

How can I subscribe for the product updates? I like to keep abreast of the happenings on this ring product

Please click on 'Subscribe Now' menu item on header menu of the website (www.ismartring.com). And fill the form. We will update you when we launch the campaign. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

I am excited. How can I help you?

During the crowd-funding campaign period of 45 days [campaign starts in few weeks], please choose the offering on the campaign homepage (http://igg.me/at/ismartring) to donate or purchase. The initial 200 rings will be given at discounted price.

Other than monetary/ financial support, how else can I help you?

Please spread the word on this product. Kindly forward our site URL to your network of family, friends, relatives, colleagues, interest groups, etc. Also, please like us on Facebook, tweet or re-tweet our tweets on Twitter. We are also on LinkedIn and Google Plus. You can communicate about our product on these social sites as well.